Status and Errors Codes

Meltwater uses conventional HTTP response codes to indicate the success or failure of an API request.

In general, codes in the 200 range indicate success. Codes in the 400 range indicate an error that failed given the information provided (for example, a required parameter was omitted). Codes in the 500 range indicate an error with Meltwater’s servers.

Status codes returned by the API:

200 OK Your request was successful.
400 Bad request There is an issue with your request. Check you are providing all required parameters.
401 Unauthorized Check you are providing the correct authentication header and API token.
403 Forbidden You are not authorized to access the endpoint.
409 Conflict The change you’re making conflicts with a resource or query that already exists
429 Too Many Requests You’ve reached your rate limit
500 Internal Service Error An error occurred on the Meltwater servers.
503 Service Unavailable An error occured on the Meltwater servers.

Earned Analytics Overload

For Earned Analytics, a 429 may indicate that the service is currently processing a large number of analytics queries. The API will respond with the message body “Service overloaded, please try again later” when this occurs. If this error should occur, please try your request again after the timestamp found in the attached Retry-After header.