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Earned Media - Analytics Options

The table below summarizes the analytics supported by the Meltwater API.

Please note that:

  • For X use twitter as the source name in analytics requests.
  • Output for News documents is subject to copyright restrictions.
Analysis Endpoint News X Facebook Instagram Reddit Blogs Forums Twitch Pinterest Douyin WeChat Sina Weibo Little Red Book Bilibili Youku
Total volume
Overall number of mentions for the search, plus average per day and per hour
Daily/hourly volume
Daily and hourly breakdown of mentions volume
Top countries
Most frequent countries for authors of mentions / content
Top languages
Most frequent languages for mentions / content
Discrete sentiment breakdown of mentions / content
Top keyphrases
Most frequent key phrases that appear in the mentions / content
Top locations
Most frequent locations (country,state,city) of authors in the analyzed content
Top entities
Most frequent entities that appear in the analyzed content
Top tags
Most frequent hashtags that appear in the analyzed content
Top shared
The most 'shared' content matching the search
Top sources
Top (most frequent) authors of the content