Analyst - Getting Started

Welcome to the Meltwater API. This guide is designed for analysts, that is people who want to take data from the Meltwater API into their analysis tools.

If you are going to write code to call the API check out the Developer - Getting Started guide.

1. Subscribe to API status updates

Before you go any further, please make sure you subscribe to updates from our Status Page.

We aim for a very high uptime for our platform, but inevitably incidents can happen. The status page is the best way to stay informed.

2. Understand the Meltwater platform

Like any platform you work with, a good first step is to understand the key concepts involved.

Please read the Platform Overview guide to learn the basics of the platform. These concepts are referenced in all other guides.

3. Create your API token

Depending on how you end up using the API, you may need to enter an API token for access. You can create an API token in the Meltwater application.

Read the API Credentials page to learn more.

4. Create your first export

To learn how to export earned media (mentions) data from the API, take a look at the Export Console Quickstart guide

5. Bring data into your analysis tool

If you are looking to use the data in a BI tool, check out our BI tool guides page.

6. Learn about limits and your usage

Which API features you can access, and the usage limits for these features depend on your Meltwater package.

The Usage Limits page explains how API limits are applied. If you are unsure about your limits please reach out to the support team or your account manager.

The Accessing Usage Statistics page explains how you can access statistics on your API usage in the Meltwater application.

7. Getting help

If you have any questions please take a look at the Frequently asked questions page.

If you need further help please reach out to our Support team.