Recent changes

We have been working to consolidate our API products into one consistent API. Our goal is to simplify our various API products into one easy-to-use API.

The latest release brings together the content export features and analytics features of the Export API and Analytics API into one product called the Meltwater API.

How does this impact you?

If you use the Web Console tool to export data you can continue to use this as before. You’ll see it called the Export Console from now on, but the features haven’t changed.

If you are a current Export API or Analytics API user you can continue to use the API as before. However, we are planning to deprecate these endpoints on 21st October 2021 so we encourage you to plan your migration.

For the new API we have simplified the authentication method, removing the need for OAuth so you can simplify your integration. You can move to the new API at any time. Take a look at our migration guide for more information.

How can I start using analytics features?

If you already have access to the Export API but would now like to access analytics features please contact your account manager.

Need help?

If you have any questions about the recent changes please contact our Support team.