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Earned Media - Export Fields

The table below summarizes the export formats and fields available from the API.

Please note that:

  • All returned strings are encoded using UTF-16 and the dates are presented using the ISO-8601 format specification.
  • Output for News documents is subject to copyright restrictions.
  • Country is rarely populated for Blogs and Comments.
Field JSON field(s)? CSV field? News Twitter Facebook Instagram YouTube Reddit Blogs, Comments, Reviews Forums Twitch, Tiktok, Pinterest Sina Weibo Douyin, Wechat, LittleRedBook, Bilibili, Youku, Kakaotalk and LineVoom
Export Metadata - These fields provide details of the export that was executed
Search / Tag ? metadata.search_name
Input Name
Company ID ? metadata.company_id
Document Metadata - These fields provide high-level details for documents, such as the source / provider
Source ? source_name Source
Source Type ? source_information_type
Source ID ? source_id
Document Media Type ? document_media_type
Document ID ? document_id
Matched keywords ? document_matched_keywords Keywords
Date ? document_publish_date Date
URL ? document_url URL
External Id ? document_external_id Tweet Id
Image ? document_image_link
Tags ? document_tags Document Tags
Hidden ? document_hidden Hidden
Visibility ? document_visibility
Author name ? document_authors.name Influencer
Author type ? document_authors.author_information_type
Author external id ? document_authors.author_external_id Twitter Id
Author profile url ? document_authors.author_profile_url User Profile Url
Document Text - These fields provide text content for documents where available
Title ? document_title Headline
Opening Text ? document_opening_text Opening Text
Hit Sentence ? document_hit_sentence Hit Sentence
Enrichments - These fields provide NLP enrichment data for documents where available
Sentiment ? document_sentiment Sentiment
Keyphrases ? document_key_phrases Key Phrases
Language ? document_language_code Language
Hashtags ? document_hashtags Hashtags
Location - These fields provide location details when available
Country ? source_country_code Country
State ? document_region State
Sub-region ? source_subregion Subregion
City ? document_city City
Geolocation ? document_location_approximate.*
Reach & Engagement - These fields provide details relating to reach of a document and engagement by audiences
Reach ? source_reach Reach
Desktop Reach ? source_reach_desktop Desktop Reach
Mobile Reach ? source_reach_mobile Mobile Reach
Twitter Social Echo ? document_social_echo_twitter Twitter Social Echo
Facebook Social Echo ? document_social_echo_facebook Facebook Social Echo
Reddit Social Echo ? document_social_echo_reddit Reddit Social Echo
AVE ? source_ave AVE
Engagement ? document_engagement Engagement
Views ? document_views Views