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Exports & Streaming - Legacy Template Fields

The table below summarizes the fields and sources available in API exports and streams, when using the legacy output template.

Please note that:

  • All returned strings are encoded using UTF-16 and the dates are presented using the ISO-8601 format specification.
  • Output for News documents is subject to copyright restrictions.
  • Country is rarely populated for Blogs and Comments.
  • Fields marked ENTERPRISE-ONLY are only available to customers with an “Enterprise API” package.
Field JSON field(s)? CSV field? News X Facebook Instagram YouTube Reddit Blogs, Comments, Reviews Forums Twitch, Pinterest Douyin, Wechat, LittleRedBook, Bilibili, Youku, Kakaotalk and LineVoom
Export Metadata - These fields provide details of the export that was executed
Search / Tag ? metadata.search_name
Input Name
Company ID ? metadata.company_id
Document Metadata - These fields provide high-level details for documents, such as the source / provider
Source ? source_name Source
Source Type ? source_information_type
Source ID ? source_id
Document Media Type ? document_media_type
Document ID ? document_id
Matched keywords ? document_matched_keywords Keywords
Date ? document_publish_date Date
URL ? document_url URL
External Id ? document_external_id Tweet Id
Image ? document_image_link
Tags ? document_tags Document Tags
Hidden ? document_hidden Hidden
Visibility ? document_visibility
Author name ? document_authors.name Influencer
Author type ? document_authors.author_information_type
Author external id ? document_authors.author_external_id Twitter Id
Author profile url ? document_authors.author_profile_url User Profile Url
Document Text - These fields provide text content for documents where available
Title ? document_title Headline
Opening Text ? document_opening_text Opening Text
Hit Sentence ? document_hit_sentence Hit Sentence
Enrichments - These fields provide NLP enrichment data for documents where available
Sentiment ? document_sentiment Sentiment
Keyphrases ? document_key_phrases Key Phrases
Language ? document_language_code Language
Hashtags ? document_hashtags Hashtags
Named entities ?
Location - These fields provide location details when available
Country ? source_country_code Country
State ? document_region State
Sub-region ? source_subregion Subregion
City ? document_city City
Geolocation ? document_location_approximate.*
Reach & Engagement - These fields provide details relating to reach of a document and engagement by audiences
Reach ? source_reach Reach
Desktop Reach ? source_reach_desktop Desktop Reach
Mobile Reach ? source_reach_mobile Mobile Reach
X Social Echo ? document_social_echo_twitter Twitter Social Echo
Facebook Social Echo ? document_social_echo_facebook Facebook Social Echo
Reddit Social Echo ? document_social_echo_reddit Reddit Social Echo
AVE ? source_ave AVE
Engagement ? document_engagement Engagement
Views ? document_views Views
Views ? document_estimated_views Estimated Views