Welcome to the Meltwater developer portal. Meltwater’s APIs enable you to stay on top of billions of editorial, blog, and social media conversations.

Export API

Meltwater collects, processes and analyses editorial, blog, and social media conversations from all over the world, every day, just for you. Our Export API provides access to the data in a format that can be easily consumed by Business Intelligence solutions like Tableau or Microsoft PowerBI.

You can export documents for searches you have already configured on app.meltwater.com.

Exports can automatically update relevant data by a user-defined schedule.

You'll find all the documentation you need here: Export API Documentation

Analytics API

The content that Meltwater collects and processes can also be analysed using multiple types of analytics such as volume time series, top tags and sentiment counts. Our Analytics API provides these analytics based on your own Saved Searched from the Meltwater App and can easily be integrated into your own systems.

You'll find all the documentation you need here: Analytics API Documentation

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