Analytics API - Rate Limiting

Different services on the Meltwater API are subject to different rate limits either based on a generic rate limit or a restriction based on the entitlement package for specific services.

The 'hour' starts when you first hit the API. For example, if you generate analytics at 8:05 am and consume all of your 10 entitlement credits by 8:50 am, Meltwater will give you another 10 credits at 9:05 am. These credits are part of the entitlement package.

Response Headers

Every time you make a request to the API we will return the current rate status in the response header. Look for the following keys:

Header Name Description
RateLimit-Cost Rate limiting is based on the type and the number of requests. You can determine the cost of an API request by inspecting this cost header.
RateLimit-Limit This is the number API credits you have per hour, this will remain the same for a given package of services. (for example 10 credits for the analytics service)
RateLimit-Remaining The remaining number of API calls before you are rate limited. If this falls to 0, you are rate limited. Wait up to an 1 hour for the next credits to reach your account.

If you hit your API limit, all subsequent requests will fail with a suitable error message and HTTP response code of 403 or 429.
RateLimit-Reset Unix timestamp when the next reset will occur.