Analytics API - FAQ

How do I gain access to the Analytics API?

Please speak to your account manager for access

Do you have an SDK or Client Libraries?

Currently, we do not create our own, though we do expose an Open API endpoint which allows you to generate your own.

How often are rate limits reset?

Rate limits are reset every hour. You can see the time they reset in the header information

How are filters in my Saved Search affected?

If you set any filters in your Saved Search, such as limiting to a country or language, then we preserve those filters in your Analytics API requests.

Any additional parameters you supply, such as a country or language code, will be added to your Saved Search. This means that if your Saved Search has a country filter of “US” and your Analytics API request specifies “CA” as a country then you will receive 0 results. This is because we additionally filter your existing Saved Search to also limit country to “CA”. No documents can have a country of “US” and “CA” so no results are returned.